V69 IDC5 Car Software Release

We are pleased to inform you that the IDC5 V69 Car software has now been released for
Axone Nemo/Axone 4 and PC applications.
The V69 software release includes updates to 47 vehicle makes and a further 610 diagnostic
systems have been developed. There has also been another step forward for ADAS systems
across a range of makes and models.
N.B. Due to increasing demand from the industry, an additional safeguard relating to ADAS
will be implemented within the release of the V69 software. This means that workshops
using TEXA’s RADAR calibration software will need to have their TEXA RCCS rig electronically
paired with their TEXA diagnostic tool. This ensures that the correct equipment is used to
carry out the correct calibration procedures. Therefore, customers who have purchased a
TEXA RCCS rig prior to this software release will require a serial number to enable the
pairing of the diagnostic tool and release of the calibration software. The RCCS units have all
been allocated to Customers on Servicecode along with serial numbers and if the customer
has an internet connection, the pairing and release will be done automatically. If they do not
have an internet connection a manual code can be generated in the same way as a software
activation code. Once this has been completed, full functionality will be available