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Truck Diagnostic Kit DS450E

DS450T / SV11447 / SV10821

£4,330.00 exc VAT


Delphi Diagnostic Tester DS450E for trucks

Delphi’s DS heavy duty software allows users to perform high level diagnostics on trucks, buses, LCVs and trailers. A highly efficient diagnostic tool, it includes functionalities such as intelligent system identification (ISI), intelligent system scan (ISS) and intelligent system updates (ISU), as well as features like setting of parameters, configurations, adjustments and calibrations, for quick and accurate diagnostics. Just as importantly it supports an extensive database with 47 heavy duty manufacturers on more than 57,000 vehicle systems.

Main Features

Package includes:

hardware: £3445.00

Truck, Van, Bus, Trailer software : £595.00

  • Full system coverage
  • Service light reset
  • Read and erase fault codes
  • Read and graph live data parameters
  • Intelligent system scan (ISS) – full vehicle ECU scans
  • Programming
  • Component activation and adjustment
  • ECU coding
  • Print and save diagnostic reports
  • Full OBD flight recorder
  • VIN recognition
  • Battery voltage monitoring
  • Intelligent system updates (ISU)
  • Intelligent system identification (ISI)

All Truck Kits include the following cables:

  • 38 Pin Iveco
  • 30 Pin Iveco
  • 14 Pin Mercedes
  • 8 Pin Volvo
  • 16 Pin DAF/Scania
  • 12 Pin MAN
  • 37 Pin MAN
  • 12 Pin Renault
  • 9 Pin Cummins
  • 3 Pin Fiat
  • 16 Pin Mitsubishi Fuso/Canter


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