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BAT 490 – Battery support unit


£760.00 exc VAT


Compact and solid high-frequency charger with versatile application. An “all-rounder” for the workshop, service station, and battery retail outlets.

The powerful battery charger is suitable for charging all 12 V or 24 V lead-acid batteries, particularly batteries with fixed electrolyte gel batteries or AGM.

The floating-mode operation of the BAT 490, with intensities of current up to 90 A, stabilises the vehicle electrical system during diagnosis and reprogramming of control units, this making the device essential in every modern workshop.

  • Product features of high-frequency charger BAT 490
  • Charging mode for 12 V / 24 V lead-acid batteries
  • Automatic detection of 12 V or 24 V System
  • Variable charge current intensity in the expert mode (0-90 A)
  • Shorter charging times due to optimised charging process
  • Infinitely variable, regulated charging current
  • Charging at vehicle electrical system
  • Floating-mode operation and backup mode
  • Sawtooth trickle charge
  • Protection against polarity inversion, overcharge and short circuits
  • Solid housing
  • Efficient work is enable by the new working modes:
  • Standard program for simple and rapid charging
  • Expert program with flexible charge parameters
  • Radio codes and control unit programming remain unaffected.

Main Features

Technical data: BAT 490

Charging on vehicle electrical system

Floating mode operation

Trickle charging

Overcharging protection

Electronics protection

Reverse polarity protection

Overload protection

Back-up mode

Charging of exhaustively discharged batteries

Battery types     12 V and 24 V starter batteries

(standard, maintenance-free, gel and AGM batteries)

Max. battery charge current at 12 V arithm.         90 A

Max. battery charge current at 24 V arithm.         45 A

Charging characteristic

Standard: I1U1I2aI3aI3…

Expert: IU1oU2…

Final charging voltage in setting > 15°C   14 V

Final charging voltage in setting < 15°C   14.4 V (automatic adjustment)

Charging current display

Charging status display

Power input       900 W

Reverse polarity and fault indicator

Charging cables Charging cable 10.0 mm² with fully insulated charging clamps, approx. 3 m

Mains voltage 100 V        230 V / 100 V

Degree of protection (DIN 40050)             IP 20 D

Safety class (DIN 40530)                I

Dimensions (W x H x D) 300 x 200 x 390 mm

Weight 10.5 kg


Trolley (1 687 012 102)

Charging cable set 5 m (1 687 011 520)

Charging cable set 3 m (1 687 011 519)

Scope of delivery

2 m power cord (1 684 461 168)

Red/black charging cable set (3 m; 10 mm²) (1 687 011 519)

Operating instructions


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