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Waeco ASC5500RPA Low Emission R1234yf Air Con Station


£5,160.00 exc VAT


Low Emission Service Unit for R 1234YF With Integrated Gas Identifier

They may be only a few, but they are there – the first new vehicle models with A/C systems prepared for the use of R 1234yf refrigerant. Brand-bound motor garages, in particular, are obliged to get prepared for servicing these systems. Against this backdrop WAECO’s AirCon professionals have designed, in close cooperation with the automotive industry, the ASC5500RPA service unit.

As R 1234yf is very sensitive to contamination with other refrigerants, the ASC5500RPA was fitted with an integrated analysis tool that checks the refrigerant purity. Designed inside out for use with R 1234yf refrigerant, the ASC5500RPA meets fire regulations and offers all the benefits known from the “classic” models in the ASC series.

Extra Safety

The service unit comes with integrated refrigerant analysis function. Explosion protection: hazard analysis performed by an independent test institute.

Automatic, Regular Leak Check

Service couplers with clearance ventilation prevent refrigerant leakage.

Switch-on Delay and External Ventilation

R 1234yf is flammable under certain conditions. Therefore, the system start will on activate the external fan. After the fan has been running for 35 seconds, the voltage is passed on to the system.

Low-Emission Concept

Close to 100% refrigerant recovery.

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Main Features

  • Sturdy metal housing
  • Charging cylinder storage capacity: 16 kg, vacuum pump capacity: 5 cars/h
  • Optional: patented feeding system for fresh oil and UV additive
  • Integrated fully automatic refrigerant analysis function
  • Fully automatic refrigerant recycling, oil and additive management
  • Automatic vacuum check
  • Automatic leak check prior to service start
  • Automatic charging of leak detection additive
  • Integrated refrigerant charging and recovery amount management
  • Integrated charging amount database
  • Complies with SAE J 2099, 2788 and 2843
  • Close to 100% refrigerant recovery
  • Personalised charging amount database
  • Operator guidance via large display
  • Heated charging cylinder for high-speed charging, heat-up also possible during the charging process
  • Special, 8-bearing weighing platform
  • Special air conditioner flush function
  • Large recessed tray for tools
  • Also suitable for German-make hybrid vehicles
  • Patented used oil container
  • Including adapter for non-returnable bottles 1/4″ HD


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